The Island

Kefalonia is the biggest island in the Ionian Sea. An island well known for its natural contrasts and its Mediterranean climate.



The foreign occupation in general and the Venetian rule in particular left its mark on the island. The combination of local spiritauality and western influence creates an interesting combination which has produced results which exeplify the best of both worlds with beautiful monasteries, destinctive architecture and music, colour-oriented art and traditions which continue to this day such as serenades.



Well known and less known Kefalonian marvels make each day in the island an opportunity to explore. Visit worldwide acknowledged sights of unique natural beauty and be amazed by the historical heritage. Centuries leaving their mark on the Kefalonian soil delineated nothing short of sheer allure. The gentle brush of time over Myrtos beach and the striking uniqueness of Melissani Cave, remain testaments of beauty reverberating through time.



With a history going back to Homer, Kefalonia is not just another priceless Greek gem. Its Greek, Venetian, French, Turkish and British history formed a colourful amalgamation of history and tradition. The 20th century held a painful surprise for Kefalonia. The gigantic earthquake of 1953 tested Kefalonians abilities to get back on their feet. Inhabitants of the island managed to rebuild the island and become one the most visited Greek islands.


Climate-Flora & Fauna

Enjoy the sunshine all year long! Situated in the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia has a characteristic Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. Sunshine in Kefalonia typically lasts for 8 hours/day during the winter and 13 hours/day in the winter. The sunshine and the warm climate during spring and autumn, make Kefalonia the ideal Greek island.Rare specimens of fauna and flora have selected one of the most marvellous places on Earth to call home.



Greece boasts one of the best cuisines in the world. In Kefalonia the Mediterranean simplicity paired with local ingredients, deliver unique culinary results. Ever-present Italian influences, numerous tavernas and Kefalonian culinary creativity makes Kefalonia a popular destination for foodies worldwide. The famous Kefalonian meat pie and the localsʼ virtuosity in fish recipes are a trademark of the island.


Rising Location

Kefalonia is arguably one of the fastest growing locations of South East Europe. The tourism industry remains very much intact by the severe economic climate looming over Europe; it exhibits a vivid cultural life, enjoys frequent and cheap flights from the U.K. and attracts celebrities from around the world.