About us

About us

Gliving Constructions offers integrated constructing solutions for prospective home owners and property investors in Kefalonia. Our roots are found deep in the land of Kefalonia. Partners of the company come from Papadimatos S.A., the leading Kefalonian company with a remarkably successful track of over 15 years operating in the field of concrete production in the island. The multifaceted construction related history of Papadimatos S.A. guarantees the quality of any construction. Indicative works of Papadimatos S.A. include: concrete pouring at constructions, asphalt installation, quarry products, constructions materials’ trading, public procurement assignments, concrete constructions and sand procurement from quarries.

Our approach

We at Gliving Constructions pride ourselves in transferring family values into large-scale operations. Gliving Constructions’ history marks the company’s approach to its clients: Excellence in our sector, love for our work and passion for delivering quality results.

Our philosophy

Our decision to transfer our expertise from our family business and deliver luxury property to the company’s clients was an easy one. It answered the demands of Gliving Constructions’ customers and it was in line with the company’s philosophy which is to seamlessly offer its clients integrated services.

The people

Our human capital is the core of the company’s success. Experienced and highly educated associates guarantee the realization of our clientsʼ dream homes in Kefalonia and are always willing to provide support to our clients. The people behind the company include architects, lawyers, decorators, financial advisors, technicians and builders.

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